25485 Medical Center Dr. Ste 108

Murrieta, CA 92562

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Patient requirements for all appointments at:

NeuroCenter Medical Clinic Inc.


  • Current insurance card and photo id.

  • Current medication list with dosage and milligram on all prescriptions and vitamins.

  • All medical records pertaining to your medical condition. Due to HIPPA guidelines we are unable to request records prior to your appointment without a signed consent from the patient. If you would like for us to request your medical records please come by office 2 weeks prior to your scheduled appointment and sign a release so we may request for your records, so we will have time for the records to be sent to our office.

  • Please download new patient paperwork at Neurocenter.org and have completed to bring to your appointment.

  • All copays must be paid at time of service we accept cash, credit and debit cards. No checks are accepted in our office.

Our team strives to provide the area's most reliable and advanced neurological

treatment options!

Get the dedicated and trusted care you deserve.

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